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A Powerful Family Experience - Tamworth Powerstation Museum

Tamworth powerstation museum

Tamworth Powerstation Museum

Tamworth, NSW

Now this review is close to our heart. Well I (Amy) am a bit of a history buff and love visiting museums full of things old things, but Ryan- he is an electrician by trade- so we both found this ‘attraction’ electrifying and an incredibly interesting place to see. Basically we learnt all about the incredible birth of electricity. The kids we’re blown away by the quantity and quality of displays.

I must admit straight up, we had the best tour guide- yes that’s right we had our own tour guide. When you pop into the little but jam packed museum, the incredible volunteers that run the day to day needs of the museum walk you through the rooms full of all things electrical dating back to the birth of it. Ron was a veteran electrician and took us back in time, to the discovery of electricity and took his time to show the boys how the early development stages of electricity actually worked and they were able to play with the methods used back in the day.

Fun Fact; Did you that Tamworth was the first town/ municipal in Australia to have electric street lights? And that this Museum was the first of its kind, opening back in 1988.

We met all the pioneers in this birth and discovery and Ron was a wealth of knowledge on each gentleman. We walked through the rooms and rooms of antique household appliances, electrical equipment and materials used back in the 1900’s and even got to check out and old steam combustion engine, but there was just sooo much more to share but need to stop somewhere......

How much does it cost?

At $9 for the entire family’s entry fee, you simply cant miss this step back into history at this multi award winning museum. So just pop on in and have a browse, and tell them Trekking Downunder sent you

Couldn’t have found a more dedicated and knowledgeable guy to share his gift with us- Big shout out to Ron the Volunteer, you were incredible, Thank you so much!


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