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Why You Should Visit The Australian Stockman's Hall of Fame | Outback Queensland | Longreach

Australian stockman

The Australian Stockman’s Hall of Fame is more than just a place for cowboys, the museum doubles as an incredible outback heritage centre. It’s a place to immerse yourself with an incredibly diverse selection of the history in the Australian Outback. As a young travelling family born and bread on the East Coast of NSW, we haven’t had a large exposure to the real outback, well not until we began our trip adventures.

Spending 3 of the 3.5 months we’ve been on the road exploring Outback NSW and Outback QLD we’ve become much more accustomed to the dry barren lands, the dirt, the dust, the heat mixed with the cold and the flies OMG the flies- but what we have fallen in love with was something we didn’t know existed within us.

When you head into the Australian Outback there is no denying it; the history, the love, the passion and the sense of community you see and feel is something to be admired. We ask ourselves why are these brave county folk so down to earth.... And the answers are laying within the incredible architecture of the Australian Stockman’s Hall of Fame.

What a spectacular home to the recognition and honour of all these amazing people that have contributed to pioneering this great Australian Outback life.

Australian Stockman hall of fame

What made it special for us on the day

When we first saddled up to Stockman’s, we were taken aback by the incredible building design. For us it just oozed passion and pride and we couldn’t wait to get inside. Greeted at the front ramp by a horse and rider, the boys were welcomed and encouraged to come over and say hello to ‘Gibson’ the most beautiful stock horse, by rider Tracey.....

This experience alone won the boys over for excitement and we had not even entered the spinning doors to go inside.

Gibson the stock horse

Well the entrance hall did not disappoint, with the most gorgeous wood carving wall, rustic steel art and super friendly staff- we checked in and headed straight for the daily live Outback Stockman’s Show. Not really knowing just what to expect from the show we were glued to our sets.

As a family, we have been discussing moving to a farm one day since before we left home back in March and this show basically shared the stories and skills of the past and the present stockman. We loved every second, we took on board the skills of farm life that were presented but also we were touched by the passion and commitment of a stockman to his entire animal crew.

The show was engaging, fun, captivating and the kids have never felt more connected to the farming life opportunity as they did in that moment, even little 1 1/2 year old Wade loved the experience.

Heading back to the Hall of Fame with so much to explore we started outside at the Hugh Sawrey Art Gallery, with the amazing collection of both historical pieces and artwork, it is easy to see why this founder of the Hall of Fame take a special place in the historical story to be shared.

Making our way right to the top level we walked our way slowly down and around the winding 4 levels. Each level is dedicated to 1 of the 5 major area of significance within the outback pioneering story, with an impressive recognition to the all the important persons forever remembered for their contributions to the Outback’s rich cultural heritage. This is by way of each individuals’ story being hung around the external walls of each main gallery, one after another as the ‘Unsung Heroes’- it truly is a beautiful dedication.

Each gallery had its incredible impression on us and one of the most notable adventure for the day other than the live show for that real Cowboy feel was the 15minute “I am a stockmen” movie that plays in the theatre on the hour. Wow- what an incredibly authentic raw and real representation of the Outback way. This short film narrated by the real Stockman of Oz; both young and old, indigenous and white Australian, male and female- has these Hard working country folk share their true passion and experiences of life growing up in the Outback of Australia, past and present.

RFDS ealry days

Attraction related fact.

The history of the Stockmans Hall of Fame and Outback Heritage Centre was created from the single vision of one man, Hugh Sawrey in 1974. He wanted to create a memorial to the pioneers of the Australian Outback and preserve the outback’s very rich and unique cultural heritage. Housing the hard work of this incredible vision is the impressive structure built back in 1985, taking two years to construct and was officially opened by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Since it’s opening, it has attracted over one and half million visitors from all over the world - make your mark and be apart of the history.

What was it all about

‘In Australia their not called cowboys..... They are ‘The Stockman!’ This is the vibe and message of the Hall of Fame. These hard working, country living, land loving, people and animal devoted famers and Outback services are recognised and honoured over 5 remarkable exhibits.

The 5 galleries include detailed displays of; Stock Workers, Royal Flying Doctors, Outback Properties (and families), Pioneers (the Outback’s beginnings) and the importance of the Aboriginal presence within the pioneering pastoral industry.

Each section having its unique link back to the rich history, made us feel like we gained a really vast insight into life in the outback country. With plenty of interactive displays, movies, artefacts and friendly staff, the kids felt just as engaged in the information and history as we did, which is a huge credit to the layout and design of this amazing wonder.

Pioneering horse drawn cart

Interactive displays

Price and Appeal

Museum Entry $32/A, $27/C or $80/F.

Museum and Show package (which is what we did) $50/A, $27/C or $150/F

Or Combine both Stockman’s Hall of Fame Museum and the Qantas Founders Museum (we would absolutely recommend if your not doing the show) $50/A, $25/C or $145/F

*All children under 5years FREE in all packages.

Purchase tickets on entry to museum, for show pre-bookings or inquiries contact the Australian Stockman’s Hall of Fame on (07) 4658 2166 or check out the website at

First rule of the country..... You become where you are, not where you're from.... So head into Australian Stockman’s Hall of Fame and begin your romance with the bush.


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