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Best Camping in Carnarvon Gorge | Sandstone Park QLD

Breathtaking views sandstone Park Carnarvon gorge

Sandstone Park

Carnarvon Gorge, QLD

Visiting Carnarvon Gorge has always been on Ryan’s must see list and that was ok with me, as I am always up for a gorgeous scenic adventure..... Once you have decided to venture anywhere the last part to take care of is where to stay. There are a few places to pick from within the close proximity of the National Park but after a quick look over them- our options quickly narrowed down to 1 of 1. The Sandstone Park was something that couldn’t be bet. There are no fancy bells and whistles- but instead something so much more. Located only 5 minutes from the start of the Main walking tracks of the Carnarvon Gorge National Park and nestled up on the hills, you not only get incredible camping views but the intense spiritual connection to the Aboriginal heritage to accompany it.

What made our stay so special for us

Without knowing we happened to pick the one Aboriginal Heritage camping park full of the most incredible history. Since we have been Outback travelling majority of our trip so far, we have awaken a hidden intrigue and interest in the Indigenous History of our amazing country. With that we have been absorbing all the history we can and Sandstone seriously blew us away. Not only where the views from our camp site scenic masterpieces, but as a way to share the rich indigenous stories that encase the shared ‘Garingbal’ Country and ‘Bidjara’ Country of the Carnarvon Gorge Region, the owner of Sandstone Park is working with one of the local very traditional and proud aboriginal countryman who shares his passion and knowledge of the Carnarvon area each afternoon at 3.45pm during the Winter months. Sharing aboriginal stories, an insight into the cultural heritage of the land and local families, along with the historical significance of the ancient surroundings of Carnarvon Gorge and the National Park.

And then there is the fact it is only a short drive down the road is the incredible Carnarvon Gorge National Park walking tracks, this place had it all for us.

Welcome to country yarn carnarvon gorge

What makes the location special

Sandstone Park is situated at the flat top of one of the Carnarvon rises and gives unbeatable 360 degree views of both the ‘Carnarvon and Great Dividing Ranges’. The Park is the only locally owned and operated accommodation in the area, Olivia is a 7th generation from this area and prides herself in providing the best possible experience for all her guests.

The western view is overlooking the incredible ‘Milgin’ or Sandstone Belt. This symbolic landscape represents the burial sites of the many indigenous forefathers of the past. The peaks’ tree line represents the brow (Milgin) above the eyes of the resting ancestors who over the centuries have and continue to watch over and protect all those in the spiritual surrounds.

breathtaking sunsets

Site Specs

Price: $23/night 2A + $5 per Child ($10 per extra adult in multiple vans)


  • Unpowered (large individual 16m x 25m campsites. Suitable for caravans, campers, RVs, tents even swags)


  • Toilets (portaloo; cleanest you’ve ever seen- they even put a plant inside)

  • Potable water (this is located at the info centre and not onsite)

  • Dump point

  • Rubbish bins (daily rubbish collection)


  • Camp fires (private fire pit per site. BYO wood, purchase at reception or collect )


  • Scenic views (most incredible 360 views as your up high on the hill)

  • Activities on land (walks around site, daily Country and Cultural Yarn talk, plus only 5 mins to the local National Park walks)

  • Water Activities (national park water walks, swimming)

  • Mobile reception (scattered, free wifi at the National Park info centre)

  • Pet friendly (pet sitting also available!!!)


  • Safe vibe (incredible spiritual vibe too)

  • Onsite management


  • Cautions; None other than don’t leave too soon!


  • Recommended by us; 100%.

We could only stay 2 nights but I would have preferred to stay at least 3-4 nights if we had been able to! Everything about Sandstone Park made us feel welcome. The wonderful local staff, the large campsites, the breathtaking views and then there was the attention to detail..... Down to the most clean, organised and accessorised portaloos I’ve ever seen!

Gorgeous Sandstone Park sunrise


We must send out our biggest thank you of our journey so far. To the most genuine and humble guide, Milton. Your welcome to Country and Cultural Yarn had us entranced in the local history and left us wanting to find out more. To which we cant thank you enough for sharing more with us the morning we left, all about your families personal story and more about the heritage and surrounding areas.

But most of all we will never be able to express how honoured we were and still are feeling, that you entrusted to Ryan the very special handcrafted ‘Wangal’ (boomerang) that you were currently working on, and for the beautiful words you spoke when you gifted it to him- sending it with lots of positive spiritual guidance and energy.

This stay will be one not soon forgotten and hard to beat. Thank you a million thank yous Sandstone Park for our wonderful experience.

To get in touch with Sandstone Park to enquire about a booking you can contact them on 07 4984 467 or alternatively via email at


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