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Camp Style Nachos - The Quick Chef

The quick chef, camp style nachos

Camp Style Nachos

What you will need;

500gm mince

a jar of salsa

packet of corn chips

grated cheese (enough to suit your taste)

a foil tray

1. Brown the mince

2. Stir through the jar of salsa

3. Place foil tray in camp oven and spread corn chips all though the tray.

4. Pour the salsa mince mix over the corn chips then sprinkle grated cheese on top- as much as you desire.

5. Put the lid on the pot on hot coals with a scoop of coals on lid.

6. Cook for approx 10-15mins depending on the heat of coals

This recipe feeds 4.

Campfire nachos

This is a popular quick and easy dinner for Jodie, Jake and little Zarlier (6) after a long day out exploring. This awesome travelling family left Cairns back in June to travel indefinitely.

These keen 4x4 explorers are travelling Oz in 2x 4WDs, so they both Jodie and Jake get maximum adventure and no one gets to miss the fun tracks. Living in a roof top tent (and swag in poor weather), these guys love a good camp-oven cooked meal, but also enjoy a straight fire or BBQ plate meal too.

Article written by Jodie Zarlier Shepherd

facebook; @ Mates in 4bys travel aus



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