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Charleville's Best Solar Telescope View of The Sun

Cosmos centre Sun Viewing

Have you ever just looked up into the sky and wondered about the enormity of the universe verses our little planet? I used to look up into the sun- besides hurting my eyes, I always used to think it looked so small. The truth of the matter was that after visiting the Cosmos Centre and Observatory in Charleville, we all got to learnt that sun is actually huge. And with the right viewing instruments you can look directly at it- WOW!


What made it so special for us on the day?

This would have to be one of the best day time road-schooling excursions for the boys to date. Not only did we get to view the sun, be we were lucky enough to get to clearly see a solar flair erupting out the top too. As an incredible extra Ryan and I as parents got to see Jake in his element. To date we had no idea that Jake had such a great interest in the earth and the solar system- but he was asking some brilliant questions and sharing awesome little solar system facts with the group too. I think Ashley, our incredible Sunviewing guide was rather impressed too- also asking him help set up the solarscope to see th sun. Lucas was loving the attention too, as the youngest budding astronomer in the group, he got to be one of the first to see the sun through his new super special ‘sun glasses’.

Theres something for everyone

Attraction related fact.

Most people would know that Jupiter is the largest of all the planets in our solar system..... But did you know that Earth would fit into Jupiter 1300 times? Even more mind blowing, to know that Jupiter would fit into the Sun 1000 times? So that sure does give you a little bit of perspective on just how small Earth is in the greater scheme of things.

But even in saying that- you get to realise that although the Sun is our largest and most important (plus our only) star- outside of our Milky Galaxy, it is like earth to our solar system, one of the smaller stars out there.

What was it all about?

The Cosmos Centre and Observatory run a number of many great astronomy experiences, the Sun Viewing tour being one of the 3. Having the right telescope to see detail right up to the Sun’s hot rippling surface and defined solar flairs is incredible. But as with all new things one sees, without the background knowledge, the experience just isn’t the same. The session provides the viewing experience, along wth a detailed insight into the sun, its history and parts of its predicted future. You will also learn about the other incredible stars and formations with the sky, that really bring about the insight to just how enormous the universe actually is. All given at a level that our boys could both take away some valuable educational experiences and resources.

Sun Telescope

Price and Appeal

The Sun Viewing tour is only available April through to September, and will go approximately 1 hour. At $15/A, $10/C or $40/F its a must see for every family. It is recommended ages 10 up to get the most out of it, but our mini-trekkers Jake 8 and Lucas 7 absolutely loved their sun experience. So grab you kids and/ or your partner and don’t miss this unique star gazing experience during the daylight hours, before your blinded by the suns beauty- let the cosmos know Trekking Downunder sent you.

To book your tour contact Charleville Cosmos Centre and Observatory on 07 46547771


A massive thank you to our incredible guide Ashley. Thank you for your incredible insight into the earths’ biggest star and for letting our biggest star (Jake) help take on your presenter role on the day. We all had the most amazing time and cant wait to use our new ‘sun glasses’ in the August Solar Eclipse.

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Jul 27, 2018

I have just read your accounts of The Stockman's Hall.QantasFounders Meseum and the Charlieville Cosmos centre and Observatory ,your accounts are so down to earth and exciting I would love to plan a tour of the outback region to see these records of Australian History and experiences. Hope you and your family continue to find exciting experiences and let us share in your adventure

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