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Gidgee's Bush Camp | Morven | QLD

Gidgees Bush Camp Morven QLD

A few times on our travels, we have had different people recommend that we absolutely must head into Morven for a stop over at the new Bush Camp that has recently opened. So we decided after our jam-packed stay in Charleville, we would head the one hour to Morven (on our way through to Roma) and check out what all the fuss was about. As everyone would know by now, we run our travels on big part by referrals, not only does this make sure we don’t unknowingly skip any must see locations, but it makes sure we get the maximum opportunity for memorable experiences. Once we arrived at the bush camp we knew we were right to trust our instincts on this stay.

Gidgee's Bush Camp

What made our stay so special for us

Let me ask you..... On your travels have you ever arrived somewhere and instantly had that feeling of WOW- I don’t think I want to leave? We’ll that was us. Originally we booked in for one night, mainly to support a wonderful local family’s new business venture, to check out why we had been continually recommended to go but also to try out these killer coffees I had been hearing about. By the end our first evening we had enjoyed the most relaxing evening campfire with super friendly owners Kylee and Michael and slept comfortably in the great farm setting. Straight after we had all enjoyed our incredible morning coffee/ hot chocolates and fresh cookies, we booked in for another 2 nights (which by the end of our stay- turned out to be 4 nights in total).

Kids feeding goats

The boys got right into farm life; heading out onto the property in the farm ute to help Mick feed to goats and horses, they also helped muster the goats and move them between the paddocks and the dam. Ryan and I absolutely loved wandering around the property and checking out all the incredible wire and bush art that owner Kylee is famous for, but the most incredible part was definitely sitting in the most artistic and welcoming coffee and tea house appropriately called ‘Kill for a Cuppa’. We would sit in there each morning, reading, relaxing and working on all things Trekking Downunder, while the kids played chess on the giant coffee table sized board. So whilst the boys were having the best experience getting into the farm life we were finally having that relaxing and comfortable downtime we had been craving for months.

kill for a cuppa coffee shop

One night we had a cook out with Kylee, Mick and another lovely couple, ending in full bellies and blue fire. Everyday was filled with adventure and memories- on our last night after another special evening and delicious dinner together, as we were all about to head to bed, we witnessed a huge meteorite actually burn up in front of our eyes- a large bright yellow shooting star turned orange glowing ball, a spectacular moment we will never ever forget.

What makes the location special

There are two very unique attractions to this incredible Bush Camp. Back in the early days this property used to be known as the police pound and later became a butchers block. This breathtaking property is a decent 180 acres with the new stage 1 bush camping grounds allocated to a generous (majority level) 10 acres.

Camping sites

Main camping sites surround a maintained grassed meeting area complete with 2 large campfire rings (one on each side of the communal area), which are lit every afternoon for evening gathering. There are plenty of tables and chairs, a sheltered camp kitchen equipped with authentic ‘Crown’ wood fire oven, sink with running water and a BBQ. From the meeting place you can view all the paddocks and enjoy the company of the goats, cows, dogs and horses. Surrounding the camping areas and homestead is the most incredible steel and wire bush art hand crafted by Kylee and then you move into the unique coffee and tea house.

Now coming from a vegetarian I never thought of a slaughter house as being a place I would ever visit...... Let alone fall in love with..... But this local and lifelong country gal Kylee, saw a way to transform this once place of darkness into something of pure tranquillity and peace. With her unique and alternative style- Kylee has created an artistic masterpiece. The moment you walk into ‘Kill for a Cuppa’ is like stepping into a majestic and authentic modern day eden. Serving the most delicious coffee I’ve ever tasted, using only the best local Outback Queensland coffee beans and home baked cookies, Gidgee's Bush Camp is keeping the authentic country feel in every experience.

Kill for a Cuppa coffee shop Morven

Site Specs

Price: $15/night (2A + 2K)


  • Unpowered


  • Toilets

  • Water (only drinking and washing up water from camp kitchen, for tank refills head 2kms into town)

  • Dump point (2kms down road at the rec park in town/with potable water)

  • Rubbish bins


  • Camp fires (lit by the owners each afternoon, and a lovely warm happy hour)

  • Camp kitchen (full washing up facilities and water bottle refills)

  • BBQ (a donation for the RDFS to use)


  • Scenic views

  • Activities on land (Plenty of farm animals, bush walks, campfires, art work)

  • Mobile reception

  • Pet friendly (check when booking in)


  • Safe vibe

  • Onsite management

  • Honesty box (for barbecue use)

  • Onsite Shop (Kill For A Cuppa, coffee and tea house- simply incredible coffee!)


  • Recommended by us! 100% it is...

Leaving Gidgee's Bush Camp was tough. We went for 1 night and after 4 amazing nights in what felt like bush paradise in the 5 million star hotel, we only left to head off and explore the gorge and gem regions of inland Queensland. Gidgee’s Bush Camp has that real authentic, family friendly vibe and with it’s on-site coffee and tea house ‘Kill for A Cuppa’ it’s an all round amazing place to settle in and put your feet up.

Aerial shot of the farm


Thank you so much Kylee and Mick for making us not only feel at home on the property during our stay but for making us feel like family. Your hospitality, your inclusion of the boys in fun activities and your friendship is something that will never be forgotten. We will be back again soon and cant wait for more amazing evening campfires and that perfect morning cuppa and bickie.

Kylee and Mick are on a whole other level when it comes to welcoming you onto their property. With a warm heart and pipping hot cuppa- I can strongly recommend you don’t miss this incredible adventure!

To book in your stay at Gidgee’s Bush Camp contact Kylee on 07) 46548390 and visit for more details.


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