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Swan Hill Laser Light Spectacular - Heartbeat of the Murray

heartbeat of the murray

Heartbeat of the Murray

Swan Hill Victoria.

The Heartbeat of the Murray is a laser light spectacular, and what ever expectations you may have walking in- will be blown out of the water.... quite literally!

Held each evening on or just after sunset (depending on the season), you wonder through the lamp lit Pioneer Settlement Village towards the little Murray, where you sit down in the waterside grand stand, waiting for the unknown to begin.

Having being told but some very close friends, that this was a MUST do in the Swan Hill region, we had no hesitation- and trust me neither should you!

The Heartbeat of the Murray covered stories of the birth of the Murray River, in both the Dream time account and the white man’s discovery, along with the most incredible laser light display of laser. I must add that the mini trekkers (all 3 of them) could not take their eyes off the light show and well Ryan and I were just in awe of the detail and the knowledge learned through such an interesting medium. All 5 of us drifted away with a great insight into the history of the Murray Region and a greater love of the Aboriginal connection to the birth of the land and river.

We linked the Heartbeat of the Murray spectacular with the Pioneer Settlement village visit and the ride on the PYAP paddle steamer in a 2 consecutive day family 3-1 pass (best value, single admission prices available) but you can mix and match for a 2-1 pass or just visit the one (Family pass covers 2 adults and up to 4 kids). (click on link to read more)

As a unique MUST see attraction- trust us, go light up your night and get your own heart beating......

Just wanted to send out a special thank you to all the night staff who all took the time and made our evening a super spectacular experience.

For more information and ticket details visit or call 1800 981 911


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