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National Dinosaur Museum | Where the giants come to life

National Dinosaur Museum | Where the giants come to life

Canberra, ACT

Having 3 young boys who are all Dinosaur-mad, we have unintentionally started to find ourselves being attracted to all things Dinosaur related since we left home. When we were told about the National Dinosaur Museum in Canberra, we couldn’t wait to see what was in store. This was to be our 5th visit to a museum dedicated to these amazing creatures whom once trolled and survived our earths environment.

Now the display in Canberra is actually known for being the largest dinosaur display in Australia...... We just had to check it out.

National Dinosaur Museum Entry

Having never been there before and not knowing what to expect we were blown away. It’s probably the first dinosaur museum of all those that we have visited that was truly targeted at capturing the kids (their attention but also minds and imagination). The museum has gone to great lengths to bring these giants to life, which through the use of animatronics, incredible dinosaur model textures and sound recordings really draws you in to want to learn all you can through their easy to absorb and understand information of all the best dinosaurs.

When you turn up in the car park and see an entire front garden full of the largest collection of incredible dinosaurs both moving and still, your mind is already roaring into action (as are the kids). On entry you can walk through the giant Tyrannosaurus Rex Head and make your way to the front desk where you are welcomed by some of the loveliest dinosaur enthusiasts.

Upon wandering upstairs your world is transformed into a prehistoric wonderland. From real fossils, to flying pterosaurs, from mosasaurus to the tyrannosaurus tooth, from the hourly guided tours of the numerous impressive displays to kids self-guided activities and participation prizes- We really were super impressed and are so grateful to have been recommended to visit the National Dinosaur Museum in Nicholls.... Our boys are still talking about everything they learnt and playing with their wooden Dinosaur take aways.

Attraction related fact. Did you know to be considered a dinosaur the creature must have a specific amount of attributes. The main 3 that are nice and easy for the kids to relate to 1) legs that go straight down from the hip to the ground, 2) have scales somewhere on the body and 3) hatched from an egg. Some dinosaur descendants that are still around today that you will have seen without realising are actually birds and the common chicken.

What was it all about

The National Dinosaur Museum is about sharing the knowledge of decades and decades of hard work from paleontologists from all over the world, who have discovered and pieced together the prehistoric magic of the Dinosaurs and aquatic reptiles from over 65-95 millions years ago (and some even earlier).

Price and Appeal

$45/ family. A fantastic day set to be had- take your time to explore the dinosaur floor, get lost in the largest amethyst crystal collection, fall in love with the huge selection in the dino gift shop and run scared through the life like fenced in dinosaur garden out front..... and don’t forget your camera- these photos will be priceless memories!

We cannot thank all the incredible staff of the museum enough. An incredible collection of staff who all have a clear passion for the prehistoric science of the dinosaur. The love and dedication is shown through the way they interact with the kids and parents in both a teaching sense but also as a fellow dinosaur enthusiast.


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