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Paddle down the Murray - PS PYAP Cruise


PYAP, paddle steamer cruise down the Murray.

Swan Hill, VIC.

After a big morning of Exploring the Pioneer Settlement, a 1 hour paddle down the Murray was just what the Villagers needed. Sitting upstairs on the PS PYAP we listened as the Captain talked us through the history of the PYAP as well as the native land and points of interest down the Murray.

The PYAP was built back in 1896 and originally was a floating general store. 30m in length and just under 5m wide, she can accomodate many eager paddle steamer enthusiasts and Settlement visitors alike. With no shortage of outdoor space we spent a good amount of the cruise enjoying the sunshine and fresh air, whilst taking in the divine views of places like the Murray Downs Marina and the majestic historic Murray Downs Homestead.

Fun Fact; One side of the Murray River segment we were passing through was Victorian land and the other side NSW land..... Felt like we were boarder skipping to a fro the entire trek down the river and back again.

We linked our ride on the PYAP paddle steamer with the Pioneer Settlement village visit and the Heartbeat of the Murray spectacular in a 2 consecutive day family 3-1 pass (best value, single admission prices available) but you can mix and match for a 2-1 pass or just visit the one (Family pass covers 2 adults and up to 4 kids). (Click on link to read more)

A incredible way to split up the day of fun and learning with relaxing and river views- the PS PAYP was an fantastic experience for both us big trekkers but also the mini ones. So add a Paddle down the river to your list of things to do at the Pioneer Settlement......

Just wanted to send out a shout out to Captain Allen, thanks for taking us on a super insightful journey down the Murray.

For more information and ticket details visit or call 1800 981 911


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