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A Day of Family Fun at Canberra's Questacon Science Centre

Questacon | Innovation, Imagination, Education

Canberra, ACT

As a travelling family homeschooling our 2 big boys, we see fun educational opportunities in everything we do, and honestly how could we pass up the opportunity to stop by Canberra's Questacon centre of science and technology!

Ryan and I have always been interested in the art of science and since the boys have been educated by us for the past 8 months (both indirectly and directly) they have really started to appreciate that science has a big part in everything we do- from body systems to physics, from cooking to chemical reactions and even from colours and sight to water and mechanics.... plus so much more. We found that Questacon really targets each of the major areas of science, simplifies them done for kids and makes learning about science part of the ART of fun.

What made it special for us on the day

When you walk into an attraction and the ticketing desk is staffed by people who are genuinely welcoming and you can tell they love their jobs- you just know a great experience is ahead. Each gallery is themed and set out to capture the attention of children of all ages, from our little 1yo right through to us parents, the biggest kids of all! I think what I really like is that not ever theme is going to appeal to each person so they have linked each of galleries with the next and the all wind down a 3 level spiral ramp. We started at the top and worked our way down through the galleries learning, playing and experiencing it all. It’s amazing when you visit a place that want the kids to actually touch everything they can, after all kinetic learning is extremely powerful especially for children primary and younger.

The gallery staff were super interactive with the kids, asking them questions about the displays (Colour Gallery), showing them how the science worked (FUNdamental Gallery), exploring what an earth quake feels like together (Awesome Earth Gallery), doing experiments just for the boys (Q Lab), creating science activities for the boys to try (The Shed), encouraging the boys to step out of their comfort zones (Excite@Q) and especially simplifying the science down to a toddler level and involving the whole family (Mini Q). I don’t think we could have asked for a more interactive insight into Science and to top it off we happened to be at Questacon on the day of the Dino-Science Spectacular Science Show too, now that’s winning.

Attraction related fact

Did you know this 3 level high building houses 8 permanent galleries and 1 frequently changing gallery with over 200 exhibits. These are all joined by a winding ramp perfect for strollers and wheel chairs. Each gallery has staff members present to amplify your experience with knowledge and a love of science. You can seriously spend all day exploring and always find yourself wanting more. Questacon covers such a large variety of the science topics perfect to find a keen interest for everyone ages 1 up to adult! Questacon also provide some great teaching tools online for any teachers or homeschooling families, as well as heaps of home science experiments ideas so the fun doesn’t stop when you leave..... It follows you home and beyond.

What was it all about

I feel like in the designing of Questacon the premise of “The Scientist is not a person who gives the right answers but rather the one who asks the right questions” (credit Claude Levi-Strauss) was the key. The centre is all about challenging the limits of knowledge and understanding and learning. Kids are encouraged to ask the question that help them work out the science behind life and its daily relations to science in all areas of physics, chemistry, maths, space and even human biology. It’s about making science fun and not just for the kids- adults included.

Price and Appeal

$70/ family. Embrace your inner nerd and get your science on at the most interactive and proactive attraction for kids in Canberra.


Thank you to the 4 staff members in particular who gave our boys extra time and attention in their galleries, which not only encouraged them to take a further interest in the area or the activity, but also bring that area of science to attention and gave the kids confidence and a willingness to participate.

(The Colour Gallery, Excite@Q and Mini Q)


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