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Must see Military Collection in Wentworth

military museum

Wentworth Military Collection

Wentworth NSW

As far as war museums go, this collecion has the most wonderful in-depth and enormous display of memories and memorabilia, especially considering its small shop-size space. Ryan and I are very attracted to honouring the memory of and learning more about those who fought and lost their lives in the act of giving us a brighter tomorrow, but even more mindful and in awe of those who fought and lived.... Lived to share their stories and their personal belongings. We always share a thought to those who still live daily with the memories of their experiences, both the accomplishments but also the heartache.

Display cases full of history

Getting to walk through the collection was both intriguing but inspiring, with many personal stories shared in connection to the items on display. The large of artefacts from both Australian and International armed forces- with an emphasis on the Australian service. The collection shares various militaries from all the wars dating back to the 1890 Boer war all the way up to the 2012 Afghanistan conflict, but not missing out displaying the current versions of equipment and uniforms for a great comparison.

Large collection of uniforms

An interesting fact about Wentworth is that during WWII the Wentworth and surrounding shire hosted a number of practice bombing ranges for the RAAF. 52 pilots and ground crew perished during this period of training and are marked by memorial plaque stones at the respective sites.

This impressive collection was opened to the public and visitors on Rememberance day back in 2011. Own and operated but by dedicated serviceman ............... Who has personal connections to the collection in many aspects and in honour of his grandfather who served. ......, in dedication has been given a gorgeous display and his portrait has been used as the collections main feature image for the face of the collection.

Navy Hats

When visiting Wentworth, if you would like to take in the local and military history you can get a discounted joint admission to both the Military Collection and Pioneer World, which is what we chose to do (this is done at which ever museum you visit first) . Otherwise for only A$5 and C$2 admission fee, its very reasonable. It is a must see unique collection and has quite an incredible selection of take home memorabilia you can purchase.

Sending out a big thanks to Sarah, your resourcefulness and the insight into your own family war history that you shared with us was very inspiring.


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