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Family Travelling in an AOR Quantum Plus

AOR quantum plus - family travel fulltime

So you have decided to travel Australia with your family. Now comes the hardest and most expensive decision you need to make.

What caravan or camper to buy;

  • Caravan or camper trailer

  • Full height or pop top caravan

  • Soft floor or hard floor camper trailer

  • Traditional or Hybrid camper

  • Full off-road capability

There really is so many choices and you really need to narrow it down based on your own personal requirements.

As a young travelling family when we started looking into a van for our trip we narrowed it down based on our list which included;

  • Australian made

  • Full off-road capability

  • Can sleep a family of 5

  • Internal toilet and shower

  • Pop top to keep it as close as possible to the footprint of the car

  • Full outdoor kitchen

  • Completely dust proof

  • Solid reputation with after sales service

  • Great re sale value

The outdoor kitchen was something that was the most important requirement for us as we decided to go on this trip so we could have a life change and enjoy the outdoors. We love looking up at the stars every night while cooking dinner and enjoying the sunrises while having breakfast, something we may not have done with an indoor only kitchen style van.

AOR camper

AOR Quantum Q+ Bunks

We decided to purchase the AOR Quantum Plus after extensive research and to be honest, after being unable to find any negative comments against the brand. We sold our family home to fund this new lifestyle on the road which is why we were more than happy to part with the additional money for an AOR van, knowing the build quality and service were second to none. This provides us the peace of mind knowing that we will always have the best support with our home on wheels.

The Q+ comes standard with 2 x 140L water tanks although these can be altered depending on your preferences. These can include grey water tanks or additional pure fresh drinking water tanks. We opted for 1 x 140L tank and another 80L tank with a 60L grey water tank. This is ample water for our family of 5 travelling remotely.

The Q+ also comes standard with a very equipped solar system including 300W of Solar connected to the Redarc Manager 30. We did upgrade from the standard AGM batteries to 300 A/hr Lithium batteries which was definitely a great upgrade in my opinion as we camp completely off grid and have no need to hook into mains power. For those extra cloudy/rainy periods we have our 150W Trax RV flexible solar panel which tops up our batteries.

Trekking downunder travelling family

We are over the moon with our AOR Q+ and couldn’t imagine living in any other type of van.

If you have any questions or would like to get in touch we would love to hear from you. 'Contact Us'

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