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Travelling Fulltime - Month 1 Expense Budget

Month 1 Budget

Month 1 Budget

Being our first month on the road- we didn’t set a strict budget as we knew not of what to expect.... We just tried to be as mindful of our spending but as Murphy’s law will have it- things always pop up. So here is how we went this past month and our new monthly goal breakdown we are now working with.


Month 1 🗺


Blue Mountains, NSW to Lightning Ridge, NSW

📆31 days.

🛣 Km’s Travelled = 2751km

📍Litres of Diesel used= 498.3L

🚌L/100km average =17.63L

💰$3,847.15 = $868.71/week


⛽️Diesel fill ups (incl. jerrys) x5 =$719.84

🚙Parking x2 =$3.50

Free camp x13 nights =$0

Family stay x10 nights =$0

Low cost camp x7 nights =$35

Medium cost camp x1 night =$25


🚿Amenities useage x4 =$4

🛒Grocery shops x15 =$1617.99

🍩Eating out/ coffee or milkshakes x7 =$243

🍻Alcohol x0 =$0

Free x13 =$0

Fee x4 =$88


🙏🏼Donations x4 =$9.60

🛍Purchases/ Luxuries x3 =$72

Car x4 =$57.98

Van x8 ={$780.66} $65.66

Adults x5 =$224.90

Kids x6 =$177.50

🛠TOTAL INCIDENTALS ={$1192.16} $526.04

Car =$187.25

Van =$114.12


Amy’s phone =$85.28

Ryan’s phone =$30

Sat phone (Incl. start up) =$78.62

📱TOTAL PHONE BILLS x3 =$193.90

Wix =$6.42

iCloud =$1.49

💻TOTAL APPS x2 =$7.91


{*means; includes our very much once off large incidental payment for the unforeseen expense of an additional solar panel plus our car payment}

Car Repayment =$965 (is included but will be removed come July as will be paying the car out post tax year).

{$5,527.15} Includes car repayment and additional solar panel...


Month 2 NEW Total weekly budget GOAL {excluding car payment} to $775/week

Set new targets for;

*Diesel =av. $800

*Accomodation =$80

*Groceries =$1200

*Incidentals total =$250

*Eating out total =$100

*Attractions =$80

*Luxuries =$25

Pre-set payments

Insurances =$301.37

Phone =$173.90

Apps =$7.91

Car $965


🤔Interesting thoughts from Month 1;

😭Left behind but wished we hadn’t; NOTHING JUST YET.

🤠Left behind and glad we did; KIDS BIKES (we brought the dirt scooters instead).

🤪Brought along and glad we did; ‘THE PEN’ (Wade’s playpen aka ‘The penitentiary’).

😫Brought along but wished we hadn’t; (amy) Some of my EXTRA GIRLY ACCESSORIES (there is just no point).

😪Missing the most; OLLIE our fur baby 🐾


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