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Travelling Fulltime - Month 2 Expense Budget

Monthly Budget

Month 2 Budget

Keeping it real!

After posting last months budget, we received a lot awesome feedback about sharing a great first month ‘REAL’ budget. So here we are again... Another month in and yes we are still playing with numbers, but we are happy with where we are at and making the right changes where they need to be made.

An interesting fact is we travelled almost double the distance this month as last and used almost twice as much fuel- yet we only came in $50 a week more than month one. Pretty happy about that!

We have set a new goal breakdown for month 3 and are hoping to come in under $900 per week 🤞🏼, we are keeping in mind we are a family of 5 (something I often forget)!


Month 2 🗺


Lightning Ridge, NSW to Broken Hill, NSW (Via farthest stop in Numurkah, VIC)

📆 30 days.

🛣 Km’s Travelled =4037km

🛣 Km’s Travelled to date =6788km

📍Litres of Diesel used =769.34L

🚌 L/100km average =19.06L

💰$4041.17 =$942.94/week


⛽️Diesel fill ups (incl. jerrys) x8 =$1122.26

🚙Parking/ Passes x0 =$0

Free camp x25 nights =$0

Low cost camp x0 nights =$0

Medium cost camp x4 night =$90

National Park camp x1 =$25


👚Washing x6 =$16

🔥Gas Refill x1 =$21.40

🛒Grocery shops x17 =$1763.93 (includes nappies)

🍩Eating out/ beverages x5 =$77.50

🍻Alcohol x0 =$0

Free x24 =$0

Fee x9 =$183


🙏🏼Donations x3 =$3.20

🛍Purchases/ Luxuries x4 =$29.99

Car x0 =$0

Van x3 = $26.51

Adults x3 =$28 (clothes)

🏥Amy’s Annual Nursing Registration =$155

Kids x7 =$40.15 (clothes + medicine)


Car =$187.25

Van =$114.12


Amy’s phone =$85

Ryan’s phone =$30

Sat phone (Incl. start up) =$34.95

📱TOTAL PHONE BILLS x3 =$149.95

Wix =$6.42

iCloud =$1.49

💻TOTAL APPS x2 =$7.91


Car Repayment =$965 (will be removed come July as will be paying the car out post tax year).

Months Budget including car repayment is {$5006.17}


Month 3 NEW Total weekly budget GOAL {excluding car payment} to $850/week

Set new monthly targets for;

*Diesel =av. $900

*Accomodation =$140

*Groceries =$1350

*Incidentals total =$250

*Eating out total =$80

*Attractions =$150

*Luxuries =$50

Pre-set payments

Insurances =$301.37

Phone =$173.90

Apps =$7.91

{Car repayment =$965}


🤔Interesting thoughts from Month 2;

😭Travelling with kids is hard work- but so worth every moment!

🤠The more open you are to adventure, the more it will find you!

🤪Letting kids be kids, will bring the best kind of memories!

😫Sleepless nights are inevitable when you are travelling with a teething toddler!

😪Leaving new friends is so much harder than one could have imagined!


📸HIGHLIGHT of Month 2;

📰 Featuring in the The Western Herald - Bourke newspaper 🗞


🎧 Appearing on Outback Radio 2WEB as a their monthly interviewed feature family 🎙


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