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Trekking Downunder | Month 3 in Review

Month 3 in review trekking downunder travelling family

(Mid May- mid June 2018)

What’s New

We had a fantastic month 3 cruising from Outback NSW into Outback QLD and crossing over into SA at the 3 states corner Junction. Along our travels we did our second radio interview with 2WEB Outback Radio, Amy won a Quilpie Shire Fb Competition- winning a gorgeous hardback book on the local area, we worked with Murweh Shire Tourism and we are extremely excited to announce we kicked off a partnership with Bushranger 4X4 Gear and have some really exciting things in the mix coming up in conjunction with them.

Where we’ve been and what we’ve seen

So month 3 consisted of travelling from Broken Hill, NSW and making our way to Longreach, QLD. Although don’t be fooled- it was not a direct route! We left Broken Hill and had made our way over to Silverton for an icon day trip exploring the incredible Historical Daydream Mine, Mad Mad Museum, John Dynon Art Gallery and visiting both the Umberumberka Reservoir and Mundi Mundi Lookouts. The highlight to this day trip was definitely meeting the locals... 3 of the cutest and cheekiest donkeys that just roam around town like they owned the place haha.

Following Silverton, we travelled up to Tibooburra, via Packsaddle and then into Sturt National Park where we met up with the local flies who just loved our company (and seemed to stay with us well into the QLD Outback too). From here we made our first Trip Landmark Highlight by visiting Cameron Corner. If you’ve never been to any of the Australia’s state boarder corners- the feeling is truly magnetic.... You just can’t help but feel the energy and awesomeness of being in 3 states at once.

During our brief 2 days in SA we made our way into Innamincka to continue our hunt for history on the Burke and Wills Expedition. Wow- this is one outback historical journey that really grabbed our attention and drew us in. Visiting the memorial sites of both Burke and Wills, where they both passed away and the site where King was found alive- the loan survivor of the long arduous journey- was an incredible highlight along with our night staying at the Dig Tree site just over the boarder in QLD..... if you haven’t looked into these guys and your traveling Outback Eastern Australia- do it.

From Innamincka we journeyed up the Walkers Crossing PAR instead of the conventional route because that is just what we Trekkers like to do. After travelling through the Sturt Stoney Desert (with its only humorous story attached) we tucked away behind a random sand dune on the Birdsville Track after a long day of travel, and who should we see hiding back there but another travelling AOR couple, who we then travelled with for a few days to Birdsville. Linton and Karen took the boys birdwatching and we made another set of precious memories.

From Birdsville, the Outback Queensland Adventure began and we truly had the most educational rich adventure for the boys. Starting in Windorah and then passing through Quilpie, we settled in Charleville where we immersed ourselves in exploring the sky by day and night at the Cosmos Centre and Observatory, we got an insight into the hidden secrets of the WWII air force base that was tucked quietly away in Charleville during the War. We did also get all cute and fluffy with the Bilbies at the Bilby Experience, a not-for-profit organisation- selflessly raising funds to ensure the survival of this gorgeous species who are dangerously close to extinction. Ending our Murweh Adventure we settled in at Gidgee’s’s Bush Camp for a few days where we enjoyed the quiet serenity of the bush/farm life. Engaging the kids in any farming activities, the owners are super friendly and the experience was so great we didn’t want to leave.... Not to mention the onsite coffee and tea house had the best coffee I have ever had! Big statement but 100% true.

Heading north via Roma and Injune, we spent two perfect nights in Carnarvon Gorge at Sandstone Park, where we explored the National Park walks and gorgeous sunsets during the days. From here we settled in Emerald for a week to get the Prado serviced and also regroup before heading off to explore the Sapphire Gem Fields. Whilst in Emerald we enjoyed the local shops, library and Botanical Gardens which were fully equipped with a playground, walking/bike track and fitness equipment along the way. And it was here No. 4 on our BIG highlight list was ticked off- the Big Easel, a Picasso dedication monument.

The End of month 3 brought with it Our First Quarter Budget. What an eye opener, but after the totals got put down on paper (or in my phone expense tracker) we were pretty psyched with how we are travelling and we now know where and how to plan/ priorities our travel finances as we continue the adventure.


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