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Trekking Downunder's | Month 4 in Review

(Mid June- mid July 2018)

Month 4 in review | Trekking Downunder

What’s NEW

We Begun our adventures of the Dinosaur trail at the beginning of month 4 and it only got bigger and bigger from there. We had our 3rd and most awesome radio interview yet with 2WEB Outback Radio, which took place whilst we were chilling in Birdsville passing time until we volunteered at the most remote Music Festival in the world, Big Red Bash. And it was the end of month 4 when we launched our exciting joint Give-A-Way with Bushranger 4X4 Gear- to win the Black Max Compressor valued at $250.00

Where we’ve been and what we’ve seen

From Emerald we travelled into the Sapphire Gemfields, and what adventures we had. We ticked off no.5 and no.6 on our BIG things highlight list; The BIG sapphire ring in Sapphire and the BIG sapphire/gem in Anakie. We fed Rainbow Lorikeets at the free camp in Sapphire and Fossicked for Sapphires at the Miners Cottage in Rubyville- now that is a place everyone definitely should visit.... with or without kids! Ryan panned a gorgeous 8.4 carrot Parti Sapphire, we had the most delicious scones (included in the attraction price) and the boys (and us big Trekkers) had such an amazing time we bought an extra bag of wash to take with us, that way when we are having a quiet down day we just whip out our home made fossicking tools and have some fun. From here we traversed across to Longreach via Jericho where we were in time for weekly Sunday morning local schools P&C fundraiser breakfast.

Then it was a quick stop for lunch at the tree of knowledge in Barcaldine before we arrived in Longreach. Here we indulged in the two most incredible attractions.... full of so much Australian history and all delivered in a way that appealed to all ages. First was the Qantas Founders Museum where we also enjoyed the additional Jet Tour, for an in-depth up close and person looked at the Boeing 474 (only one to ever land in the Outback). Then we rode over to the Australian Stockman’s Hall of Fame and learnt all about the official custodians of the bush, watched a live show with a demonstration on life as a stockman... we are official bushies now!

After a nice 10 day stay in Longreach we were ready to explore more and headed down the road to Winton where we played on recycled materials at the Musical Fence and started our Dinosaur Trail Adventure..... First was the incredible display and educational guided tours of the locally discovered Winton Dinosaur bones at The Australian Age of the Dinosaurs Museum. After our Fantastic experience here we ventured down to Lark Quarry for the mind blowing Dinosaur Stampede. This is the only offical site with evidence of a Dinosaur stampede in the world and incredibly we were the only visitors for the 11am time slot and so basically got a private tour. And to this day the experience of the stampede still gives me goosebumps! That afternoon we cruised through Diamantina National Park and spent the night before arriving in Birdsville ready for the Big Red Bash Music Festival.

Big Red Bash was an experience to remember and soon not forgotten. We spent our time volunteering, laughing, dancing, singing, meeting new friends and staying with our fellow AOR owners in the sponsored camping area. What made it a perfect week was we were lucky enough to have our travel besties, 08feet Travelling Australia camping with us. The boys got into the action and besides spending the days sand boarding down the Big Red Sand Dunes, they also participated in the Big Red Rumble- performing with 200 other kids and the Crack Up Sisters in front of 8000 or so people.... a very proud mummy and daddy moment. And this is where our 4th month came to a close, in Birdsville, Outback QLD with so much energy after the biggest music festival either of us have even been apart of and with our Fav travel family staying next door.


We were excited this month also because it was the first time we came in under our goal budget spend. Despite treating the kids more than usual and the Bash extras we came in at $857.75/week and we were aiming for $880/week....

Go Trekkers! We are doing things right.


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